Our apologies that things have been a little quiet around these parts over the last couple of days but we have been busy at the shop doing a big overhaul of our backroom and getting ready to leave for our trip in a few weeks! Man, is it just us or is October really flying by?!

We do have some good news for you guys though... while working late at the shop last night we discovered a bunch of hidden gems and adorable pieces hiding in our storage room, so tomorrow we are doing a big update of our Instagram shop @thelovelycloset!

We will be posting about 20 pieces tomorrow afternoon and we will be updating the shop once a week every week before we leave so be sure to keep checking for new additions! If you aren't already following us please take a peek tomorrow at our shop @thelovelycloset.

Alright, time to go get the pieces prepped! Stay tuned lovelies! XO


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