I went to this very cool flea market today that I want to share with you.  It's called the First Saturday flea at the 5th ave marina (499 Embarcadero) in Oakland.  It's not too far from Jack London Square.  It is hosted by clothing designer and artist Janay Rose also known as the window lady.  Janay is a facebook friend of Toni's Vintage Trips and she invited me to see First Saturday flea at the 5th ave marina today.  While it is in its newness, the flea market has a lot to offer in vintage clothing as well as Janay's original creations.  I bought a custom vintage wool blazer with a mink collar and a hummingbird on the breast pocket.  I can't wait to wear it to my office in SF.

In addition to the great variety of vintage clothes, purses, shoes, etc., there were also lamps, furniture,  original hats (see the hat tree below) and many other things.  Janay told me that she has a collection of vintage housewares that she plans to bring to next month's flea market.  Check it out.

 First Saturday flea at the 5th ave marina
 Beautiful dresses

 Flapper shoes & hat
 Janay Roses's creations & vintage bargains bus
 Hat Tree
 Vintage bargains in the bus

 Some views of the First Saturday flea at the 5th ave marina

 Lamps, lamps and more lamps

 Barbie case in mid-century modern chair
 Janay Rose, clothing designer 
& host of First Saturday flea at the 5th ave marina

 Dresses by Janay Rose
 Vintage dresses
 Vintage coats
 Traveling boots and suitcases
 Cape by Janay Rose
 marina psychic

 5th ave. marina
 marina cafe
 marina gallery
 Sculpture by marina artist


  1. Some of these Pics have nothing to do with Janays sale. Its a private Marina that gets invaded by Hipsters from this sale note. the cafe isnt a cafe its a private party away from the sale. so respect the neighbors even if the writer of this story doesnt.