As I mentioned last week, this past weekend my little brother got married!! I'm pleased to say that the wedding was absolutely gorgeous and everything went off without a hitch! I could not be happier for those two love birds and that they have officially tied the knot.

It has been a total whirlwind last couple of days for me and I feel as though my head is still spinning so I will get into more of the wedding deets later on, and for now I just wanted to stop in and give you guys a quick sneak peek! Here are a few candid shots that were snapped during the big day by myself and friends:

A couple of days before the wedding the rehearsal dinner was held in my parents gorgeous, newly renovated backyard! We were blessed with the perfect summer evening and we spent the night enjoying delicious food while sharing our favorite stories about the couple until the stars came out.

Love you guys! Hope you are enjoying your well deserved, much-needed relaxing honeymoon! 
See you cats in a few weeks! XO, Stef


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