We have been busy slowly chipping away at painting our new studio, but before we painted, we had a lot of holes to fill/sand down. It's fun to see the transformation and is crazy to see how much cleaner and better everything looks with a fresh couple of coats of paint!

Did we say how much work it's been painting this place? With ten foot ceilings and exposed pipes and so much trim, it's a really big job, but it's quite the transformation! We painted all of the ugly brown trim white and the space looks so much bigger and brighter!

The beams were originally the brown you see above, but are now white as well and look so incredible! Those two walls are the only walls that we have had time to paint so far but love how they turned out! Lots more photos to come soon!

Just a reminder that we are having a garage sale next Saturday, on June 7th at the space! Come swing by and check out our new work space/home and peruse our things for sale!


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