I love the start of a new year. I know that a lot of people think setting goals/resolutions is kind of a joke, but for me, it works and I look forward to setting new goals and sticking with them. This year I have a lot of plans to better myself and I thought I'd share some of them with you guys. So, here they are:
- Run the half marathon
I recently got a membership at the gym so that I continue running, and I'm really excited to sign up for my first half marathon this Spring!
- Pay off my credit card
This one's kind of a no-brainer, but my credit card has somehow gotten away from me over the past year, but it's time to take control, put my head down and work and pay it off!
- No more redbull!
So I typically drink a redbull every other day, which is disgusting and expensive, but 2014 is going to be redbull free. I'll start drinking more tea and running more to gain more energy.

- Read a book a week
I saw this idea from my friend Cory, and thought this would be the perfect challenge for me this year. I love to read but never do it unless I'm on holidays. It's time to turn off the tv and pick up a book. So far I'm off to a good start.

- Be patient.
If there is one trait that I have that really bothers me, it's my lack of patience. I need to learn to take a breather and not get so frustrated when things don't go as I planned. This is going to be a hard one.

 - Trim the fat. 
Purge my closets, empty out my cupboards, just generally down-size! I don't need so much stuff. It's ridiculous.

- Skate to work as much as possible!
 When I was younger, I played hockey (on an all boys team) for 7 years and hadn't bought new skates since I was a teenager. During Christmas I broke down and bought myself a brand spankin' new pair and intend on taking full advantage of them and the river trail that starts outside of my house by skating to work whenever I can.


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