I recently took a trip to Seattle with my friend, Kathy.  I had never been there before and had heard so many great things about it.  It has often been described as a smaller version of San Francisco, but it definitely has its own character. It does have hills, but also has various distinct neighborhoods, 2 huge lakes, Elliot Bay, Puget Sound and Pike's Market.  I stayed close to the Market in downtown Seattle.  Although I was only a few blocks from a major shopping area that included the flagship Nordstrom store, my neighborhood was very vintage, including brick streets near the Market.  I was fortunate to be able to see the Market and the water from my room.

My first day in Seattle, I visited the Capitol Hill neighborhood and after having coffee in a cafe, stopped by a local favorite vintage store, Le Frock Designer Fashion Then and Now (317 E. Pine St., Seattle, WA, 206-623-5339, lefrockvintage@comcast.net, www.lefrockonline.com).  This small store was packed with vintage designer treasures, including a lovely pink suit from the 1940's and two Chanel jackets.  They also had a good selection of shoes and contemporary designer clothes.  A trip to Seattle should include a visit to Le Frock Designer Fashion Then and Now.

My next stop on Capitol Hill was Red Light Vintage & Costume (312 Broadway E, Seattle, WA, 206-329-2200, Johnny_law77@yahoo.com, www.redlightvintage.com).  This incredible vintage store is on two levels and includes a huge separate area that has only costumes.  It was very busy the day I was there even though it was during the week.  Red Light Vintage & Costume had some contemporary clothes, but mostly vintage.  Prices were very reasonable and there was good variety of clothing and shoes.   My final stop on Capitol Hill was House of Pretty Parlor (119 Summit Ave. E., Seattle, WA, 206-405-2883, prettyparlor@hotmail.com, www.prettyparlor.com).  This small store had a lot of retro fashion, meaning newly designed dresses that reflect past eras along with petty coats on the ceiling and vintage dresses, purses and shoes.  There were also some very adorable cats working there and I captured one for the blog.

On my way back downtown, I stopped by the infamous Seattle Space Needle and took the trip to the top to check out this spectacular city.  Then I rode the monorail downtown and visited Antiques at Pike Place (92 Stewart St., Seattle, WA, 206-441-9643, info@AntiquestatPikePlace.com, www.AntiquesatPikePlace.com), which was across the brick street from my hotel.  I didn't know what I would find there, but was amazed by their collection of vintage purses and jewelry.  Antiques at Pike Place is an antique mall with a little bit of everything historical.  There was plenty of clothing to photograph, including a beautiful black velvet, quilted coat that I bought for myself.

My next day in Seattle, I was lucky enough to have a tour guide, Ryan (Kathy's daughter), who loves fashion and shops at vintage stores in the Fremont neighborhood.  She took us to a hip store - Atlas Clothing (3419 Fremont Pl. N., Seattle, WA, 206-388-8804) owned and operated by Jamie Hoffman.  Jamie also owns Fremont Vintage Mall that is across the street.  Fremont Vintage Mall is a combination of antiques and clothing.  My final stop in the Fremont neighborhood was a visit to Vintage Angel Company (3519 B. Fremont Place N, Seattle, WA, 206-501-8957, emily.goldsmith@onenorthpoint.com).  This store had a good collection of vintage Coach purses and lots of boots.  Enjoy the photos!

 Le Frock
 A view of the store at Le Frock
 I love the shoes on the stairs
 Lemon yellow wool Chanel jacket at Le Frock
 Bright red wool Chanel jacket at Le Frock
 Le Frock
 1960's style black heels at Le Frock
 1940's glam suit at Le Frock
 A view from the second floor at Le Frock
 Fur purse on sales rack at Le Frock
 Vintage fur coats & capes at Le Frock
 Marc Jacobs jacket at Le Frock
 Lime green Prada sneakers at Le Frock
 Display window at Red Light Vintage & Costume
 Red Light Vintage & Costume
 Leather & faux fur boots at Red Light Vintage & Costume
 Red Light Vintage & Costume
 Hanging gowns at Red Light Vintage & Costume
 Red Light Vintage & Costume
 Red Light Vintage & Costume
 Red Light Vintage & Costume
 Black leather fringed jacket at Red Light Vintage & Costume
 Red & white crocheted purse at Red Light Vintage & Costume
 1950's fantasy purse at Red Light Vintage & Costume
 1950's fantasy purse at Red Light Vintage & Costume
 Kathy modeling a 1940's jacket at Red Light Vintage & Costume
 Downstairs area at Red Light Vintage & Costume
 1980's-1990's black & silver evening dress at Red Light Vintage & Costume
 Costume room at Red Light Vintage & Costume
 Leopard print vintage shoes at Red Light Vintage & Costume
 Black velvet platforms at Red Light Vintage & Costume
 Vintage shoe display at Red Light Vintage & Costume
 Red platform Dorothy shoes at Red Light Vintage & Costume
 Ferragamo brown suede flats at Red Light Vintage & Costume
 Emily at the front counter at Red Light Vintage & Costume
 House of Pretty Parlor
 Vintage shoe display at House of Pretty Parlor
 Hats at House of Pretty Parlor
 House of Pretty Parlor
 More vintage shoes at House of Pretty Parlor
 Seattle Space Needle towering toward the clouds
 Kitty on the counter at House of Pretty Parlor
 1920's flapper gown at House of Pretty Parlor
 Vintage purses and pearls at Antiques at Pike Place
 Antiques at Pike Place

Fantasy purses & jewels at Antiques at Pike Place
Animal print shoes & fantasy jewels at Antiques at Pike Place
 Fantasy purses & jewels at Antiques at Pike Place
Diamonds are a girl's best friend at Antiques at Pike Place
 Cameos at Antiques at Pike Place
 1920's style necklaces at Antiques at Pike Place
 Wild 1960's evening ensemble at Antiques at Pike Place
 Hollywood jewelry at Antiques at Pike Place
 Satin cocktail dress at Antiques at Pike Place
 Black wool coat with fur trim at Antiques at Pike Place
 Vintage clothes on the wall at Antiques at Pike Place
 Black velvet quilted jacket with rhinestones at Antiques at Pike Place
 View of Pike's Market at night
 Atlas Clothing
 A view of the store at Atlas Clothing
 1960's suede trench coat at Atlas Clothing
 Atlas Clothing
 Vintage shoes & sunglasses at Atlas Clothing
 The perfect vintage ensemble at Atlas Clothing
 Atlas Clothing
 Seattle chic at Atlas Clothing
 Men's corner at Atlas Clothing
 1960's afternoon pink party dress at Atlas Clothing
 Dark green poncho at Atlas Clothing
 1930's-1940's red leather pumps at Atlas Clothing
 Red shirt dress with vest at Atlas Clothing
 Gray wool skirt at Atlas Clothing
 1970's quilted granny skirt at Atlas Clothing
 Leather pumps with ribbon laces at Atlas Clothing
 Fremont Vintage Mall
 Vintage clothes at Fremont Vintage Mall
 Hot black quilted leather boots at Fremont Vintage Mall
 Vintage coats at Fremont Vintage Mall
 Fur jacket at Fremont Vintage Mall
 Going green at Fremont Vintage Mall
 Fremont Vintage Mall
 Vintage Angel Company
 Masha at Vintage Angel Company
 Shoe department at Vintage Angel Company
 Vintage Angel Company
 Vintage Coach purses at Vintage Angel Company
 Vintage purse & boots at Vintage Angel Company
 Cowboy boots at Vintage Angel Company
 Winter boots at Vintage Angel Company
 Vintage western purse at Vintage Angel Company
 Troll under the bridge
 The original Starbucks at Pike's Market
Shoppers at Pike's Market


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