With Christmas just around the corner, we thought we should share a few peeks into our homes and what our life has been looking like during this holiday season! Today is a little peek into some of the festive details in my house, and tomorrow Erin will share hers!

One of my favorite parts about Christmas is getting to set up my aluminum tree! I love decorating it with my collection of vintage turquoise and peach ornaments and watching it sparkle!  If I have any extra ornaments left over, I like to put them in vases or planters to use as centerpieces for my tables (beside a few ceramic deer figurines, of course!) I also have fun finding a cute retro-inspired wrapping paper to make all my presents look extra pretty under the tree!

Festive music is a must over the holiday season, and lately the new She & Him album has been on high rotation on our record player... We just can't get enough!
We have already hosted a number of Christmas parties at our place and I always have so much fun cooking new recipes, setting the table with my favorite atomic dishes and getting all dressed up in my favorite party dresses! There's always lots of delicious food, plenty of good wine, and tons of great company! My all-time favorite part about this season is getting to spend quality time with all of my family and loved ones. It just doesn't get any better than that!

Hope you're having a fantastic holiday season, friends!
Love, Stef


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