I drove over the new Bay Bridge yesterday afternoon to return to Treasure Island to the flea market held there the last weekend of every month.  There was a lot of traffic on the bridge, but luckily it is the first exit.  Treasure Island is an island that used to be owned and operated by the military, so it fairly pristine and the drive in is on a small windy road.  Below is the bridge traffic headed towards the city and to the side is the bay.  As I drove into Treasure Island, I saw a large gathering of people to my immediate right.  It wasn’t the area where the flea market is usually held, but I followed the crowd.  I was barely able to get a parking place in the lot, but luckily my car is tiny, so I was able to fit into a very small space.  I got out of the car and followed the crowd to what was the new location for the flea market.  It seemed smaller than the other site, but I found out it was in 3 different places, including a 2-story building.

I walked around the first part of the flea market and found many great items to photograph.  The place was so crowded with people shopping, enjoying the sunshine and eating at the food trucks.  There was a lot to choose from as far as food goes, but lines were long and didn’t move too quickly.  I settled for a homemade chocolate croissant and it was fantastic.  In the first area of the flea market I found a vendor that I have shared with you in previous blogs – Have Pitty? – Re-Designer Clothing.  They have the most beautiful clothes, purses and shoes and the proceeds from sales goes towards rescuing animals.  I particularly admired a crème colored Valentino jacket that was only $30.  Unfortunately, it was a little too small for me, but was snapped by another shopper.  I did buy a gorgeous black leather jacket  (for less than $30) from them as well as a pearl necklace redesigned into a choker for only $10.  And, the jacket was a lot less expensive than the one I saw at Fran’s favorite thrift shop a month ago and much more stylish.

After seeing everything there was to see in the first area, I walked into the adjoining building to see the flea market on 2 levels – the bottom level and the top balcony area.  There were beautiful murals on the walls and the building was very art deco.  It could have been a part of the World’s Fair held at Treasure Island in the 1930’s.  I explored both levels and then headed outside to the 3rd section, which reminded me a little of the Alhemany Flea Market in San Francisco because there was a wide variety of all things vintage – furniture, jewelry, clothes and toys.  Someone was blasting 1980’s U-2, so the mood was set.  I walked around and shot random photos of anything that sought my fancy. 

During my travels yesterday, I did collect a few cards, so want to acknowedge those folks.  (1) Have Pitty? www.havepitt.com, (916) 835-6584); (2) C & M Vintage Pros (Carmen & Marshall),707-646-1557, 408-691-5741., jagman0007@ yahoo.com and (3) Horse of a different color, 408-251-8589.Seasideshadow@aol.com.  Look for them at vintage shows and Bay Area Antique flea markets.  Keep shopping recycled fashion!  See you soon.  Toni 


 Have Pitty?

Have Pitty? mascot wishing you happy recycled shopping!


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