Solano Avenue has more of a neighborhood feel to it than the Telegraph Avenue that most people connect with Berkeley.  It has bakeries, vegan restaurants and expensive walking shoe-type stores, but now it also has two consignment shops that are gaining popularity.  I had heard about these stores from my 20-something niece, Lani, so had to check it out for myself.  I took along my roommate, Alex, who makes an excellent assistant.

Our first stop was Trendy Boutique (1747 Solano Ave., Berkeley, CA 510-524-1624,  I love this store because the prices are reasonable and there are tons and tons of shoes to pick through.  Black boots are my thing and there were many styles to choose from.  I especially like a black leather quilted pair, but they weren't my size.  Oh well.  Owner Cathy Pacheco wanted me to tell everyone that if you visit her store and mention my blog, you'll get 10% off.  I would also like to mention that Cathy has a nice variety of dresses, mostly under $100.  So check out her store.  I know you will love it to.

Our next stop was Urbanity Style Sharing (1887 Solano Ave., Berkeley, CA 510-524-7467,  I was interested in seeing this store because it had gotten so many positive Yelp reviews (pages & pages).  It had some designer shoes and purses at high prices, but had other clothes that were more reasonably priced.  It had a variety of clothes similar to Crossroads, but at higher prices.  The upside of shopping here is that you are supporting an independent business.  As I have said before, to support the recycled clothing movement, it is better to shop at independent stores in neighborhoods.

Finally, we visited a store in El Cerrito that was only a short car ride from Solano Avenue.  Antiques D'Jour (7512 Fairmont Ave., El Cerrito, CA 510-525-7232, djourfloralandboutique@gmail.come).  This interesting store comprised of antiques, flowers, toys, vintage clothes and replica fashion is family owned and is managed by Sammy Jo.  I especially liked their jewelry under glass and their vintage clothing pieces.   Enjoy the photos!

Trendy Boutique
 Piles of shoes at Trendy Boutique
 Sale rack outside of Trendy Boutique
 Prada sandles at Trendy Boutique
 Sequined heels at Trendy Boutique
 Silver t-strap heels at Trendy Boutique
 Sexy rubber rain boots at Trendy Boutique
 Brown suede walking shoes at Trendy Boutique
 Little black dress at Trendy Boutique
 Leopard-print coat at Trendy Boutique
 Alex holding 1960's styled mini dress at Trendy Boutique
 Owners of the Trendy Boutique
 Blue satin dress with rhinestone belt at Trendy Boutique
 Brown suede Gucci purse at Trendy Boutique
 Black boots at Trendy Boutique
 Urbanity Style Sharing
 Urbanity Style Sharing
 Blue fitted evening dress at Urbanity Style Sharing
 A view of the store at Urbanity Style Sharing
 Boots at Urbanity Style Sharing
 Betsy Johnson Cinderella shoes at Urbanity Style Sharing
 More boots at Urbanity Style Sharing
 Ready to wear outfit at Urbanity Style Sharing
 Slinky pink wrap around dress at Urbanity Style Sharing
 Pink mini dress at Urbanity Style Sharing
 Many shades of pink skirt at Urbanity Style Sharing
 Black leather micro mini skirt at Urbanity Style Sharing
 Silver shimmery cocktail dress at Urbanity Style Sharing
 Double breasted wool trench coat at Urbanity Style Sharing

 Antiques D'Jour
 Sammy Jo, manager of Antiques D'Jour
 Antiques D'Jour
 Vintage jewelry at Antiques D'Jour
 More vintage jewelry at Antiques D'Jour
 Blue suede 1970's jacket at Antiques D'Jour
 1930's-1940's jacket with mink collar at Antiques D'Jour
 Blue sailor pants with red striped trim at Antiques D'Jour
 Hot pink nightie set at Antiques D'Jour
 Japanese dressing gown at Antiques D'Jour
 Back view of this gorgeous gown at Antiques D'Jour
 1970's men's sports shirt at Antiques D'Jour
 1960's purse at Antiques D'Jour
 Vintage shoes at Antiques D'Jour
 Double breasted car coat at Antiques D'Jour
 Retro 1950's sweater at Antiques D'Jour
 Hats at Antiques D'Jour
 Silver evening bag at Antiques D'Jour
 More hats at Antiques D'Jour
 A view of the store at Antiques D'Jour
Getting ready for V-Day at Antiques D'Jour


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