We decided to stick with vintage travel themed posts for this weekend in honor of our upcoming holiday, and nothing says "vacation" quite like a good old fashioned postcard! Here are some charming 50's & 60's postcards from all over the states!

We are totally lovin' the font on this one.

Fremont Street in Vegas. Get a load of that Mint sign, isn't it dreamy?!

The Fabulous Flamingo! When I went to Vegas last fall I stayed there, but unfortunately there weren't any aluminum umbrellas anymore... Bummer.

The vintage strip at night.

Silver Slipper, Las Vegas.

Pretty amazing building.

How great is this vintage Disneyland hotel photo?!

Pretty cars & pretty beach. Panama City, Florida.

Cutest postcard! We wanna go to a deer ranch now!

Arizona desert motel.

Flying in style.

Now... who has the travel bug?

*click the photos to find the original image source*


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