Sometimes, the greatest gems are right in your backyard.  Yesterday, I visited 3 stores in my neighborhood, Down At Lulu's (6603 Telegraph Ave., Oakland, CA 510-601-0964), Minds Eye Vintage (486D 49th St. (Temescal Alley), Oakland, CA 510-529-6519, and Liz Vintage Mix, 2507 San Pablo Ave. (near Dwight Way), Berkeley, CA 510-207-1256,  When I first started this blog over a year ago, Down At Lulu's was one of the first stores I featured.  It not only has vintage and recycled clothes at very low prices, but it is also a hair salon and a small record store.  It has a little something for everyone and visit Down At Lulu's if you get the chance.

My next stop was farther up Telegraph Avenue in the Temescal district of Oakland.  This area has great restaurants, cafes and art galleries in narrow, sunlit alleyways.  It is an area that is expanding and growing.  It now has a small vintage store, Minds Eye Vintage, in the Temescal Alley.  I found some great 1950's dresses there, some interesting shoes and fun jewelry.  I'm hoping that more vintage stores will move there.  Minds Eye Vintage is the outpost that has been there for 3 years, but I have a feeling that it will soon have company.  I will keep everyone posted.

Before visiting the last store on the tour, Liz Vintage Mix, Alex and I went to my favorite hamburger place in Berkeley, The Smoke, which is also on Telegraph Avenue.  The Smoke has been there since the 1950's and makes everything to order.  It's not fancy, but the food is great and costs next to nothing.  Fortified with hamburgers and french fries, we got back in the car and drove over to San Pablo Avenue to  Liz Vintage Mix.  This neighborhood used to have 2 very good vintage stores that moved or went out of business.  I recently saw that a new vintage store had moved in and I was very anxious to check it out.  Liz Vintage Mix is owned by Lili Cachero who has only been operating it for 3 months.  While the clothing was mostly modern, she did have some very nice pieces and the store is very colorful and vibrant.  Liz Vintage Mix is also right across the street from the Cafe Trieste, a local Berkeley favorite.  

 Down At Lulu's
 A view of the store at Down At Lulu's
 Hiding in the racks at Down At Lulu's
 Sunflower dress at Down At Lulu's
 Summer purses at Down At Lulu's
 Shopping at Down At Lulu's
 Get a haircut while you shop at Down At Lulu's
 Shopping for shoes at Down At Lulu's
 Toni modeling hat & shades at Down At Lulu's
 Alex modeling hat at Down At Lulu's
 Ankle boots ready for walking at Down At Lulu's
 Vintage Hush Puppies at Down At Lulu's
 Records at Down At Lulu's
 Bracelets at Down At Lulu's
 Lace blouse with fringe at Down At Lulu's
 Red leather purse at Down At Lulu's
Minds Eye Vintage in Temescal Alley 
 Temescal Alley
 Minds Eye Vintage
 Vintage dresses at Minds Eye Vintage
 Brown urban flats at Minds Eye Vintage
 Woven slip-on wedges at Minds Eye Vintage
 Red suede boots at Minds Eye Vintage
 Stylish walking shoes at Minds Eye Vintage
 Dress vs Art at Minds Eye Vintage
 Jewelry at Minds Eye Vintage
 Rings with an attitude at Minds Eye Vintage
 Cherry red 1950's dress at Minds Eye Vintage
 Pretty in pink 1950's blouse at Minds Eye Vintage
 Beaded chiffon dress at Minds Eye Vintage
 Neon yellow maxi dress at Minds Eye Vintage
 Floral dress at Minds Eye Vintage
 1930's/40's spring splash at Minds Eye Vintage
Mauve madness at Minds Eye Vintage 
 Little black dress at Minds Eye Vintage
 Shopping at Minds Eye Vintage
 This gorgeous farm house is only a short walk from Minds Eye Vintage
 Liz Vintage Mix
 Liz Vintage Mix
 A view of the store at Liz Vintage Mix
 Purses at Liz Vintage Mix
 Blue on blue at Liz Vintage Mix
 Little black dresses at Liz Vintage Mix
 Handbags at Liz Vintage Mix
 Another view of Liz Vintage Mix
 White lace-up go-go boots at Liz Vintage Mix
 Braided sandals at Liz Vintage Mix
 Platforms in a vase at Liz Vintage Mix
 Heels by Drama at Liz Vintage Mix
Faux animal print heels at Liz Vintage Mix 
 Green leather heels at Liz Vintage Mix
 Hats at Liz Vintage Mix
 Silver & stone bracelets at Liz Vintage Mix
 Whimsical hats at Liz Vintage Mix
Shopping at Liz Vintage Mix


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