What is a Fire King mug you ask? Well, Fire-King mugs are made of milk glass, jadeite, azurite (turquoise) or vitrock mugs that were made by Anchor Hocking between 1940-1979. Almost all Fire-King mugs have the script "Fire-King" stamped on the bottom, with the exception of a few extremely rare mugs. There are so many styles and shapes, prints and colors that we couldn't even fit all of the mugs in 10 blog posts if we tried, so we made a little diagram of some of the distinct mug shapes of Fire-King. The shapes of these mugs set them apart from almost all other vintage mugs, so take a gander! Do you have any mugs kicking around that you didn't even realize were Fire-King?

For more information, check out this super helpful website. Most images were taken from there.


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