In honor of the fact that Halloween is tomorrow, we thought we would do a little throwback to our old Hues-day posts and share some orange & black goodness with you:
Fact: When I was a little kid we used to have two cats who I loved oh so dearly, but unfortunately we had to give them away because we discovered that I was terribly allergic. One of them was orange, and I still miss them today. Maybe one day I will get another... in the mean time, I can live vicariously through adorable photos of orange kitties like this one

Soups are one of my favorite meals. I need to try this recipe for roasted vegetable soup with rosemary and pine nuts as soon as we get back! 

 Peaceful orange loungers. The view isn't too shabby either. 

And last, but certainly not least, a little black and white JGL never hurt anyone. ;)

Happy Halloween you guys!



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